Spencer Longfellow
Office Manager
2000 Duke Street, Suite 300
Alexandria, Virginia 22314

Nestled in the historic heart of Alexandria, you’ve just discovered where your real estate journey intertwines with unmatched expertise and genuine care. Whether it’s a charming Old Town row house or a modern commercial space in the bustling city sectors, your experience settlement agent will be ready to pick up the phone when you call, and handle even the most complex deals.  Located conveniently at 2000 Duke Street, Alltech National and ATG Title’s offices keep you right at the pulse of the city. Close to iconic landmarks, our address makes it easy for you to combine business with a bit of leisurely exploration to celebrate your successful closing.  Not to mention a celebratory photo along the picturesque Potomac waterfront.

But beyond location, it’s the essence of our services that resonates with many. You’re not just another transaction; you’re a valued client with unique aspirations. And whether you’re a real estate agent, investor, or a homebuyer looking for competitive quotes, we’re ready to be your partner.  From comprehensive title searches to sending earnest money in a secure way, your satisfaction and data protection are of the upmost importance. Add to that our online and in-person options for closings, and you’ve got a partnership that safeguards your deal at every turn, bit to mention makes closing easier since it is based on your schedule.

And should you ever need the added security blanket, our robust title insurance ensures that your investment stands protected against unforeseen discrepancies. Peace of mind, after all, is priceless.  So, as you navigate the cobblestone streets and modern avenues of Alexandria, remember that you have a partner waiting, ready to provide the support and expertise you seek. Drop by our Duke Street address or give us a call today. Whether you’ve scheduled an appointment or you’re making a spontaneous visit, you’ll always find our doors open, and a team ready to serve. Together, let’s shape your Alexandria real estate story into a resounding success!