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Commercial real estate transactions are big ticket deals, no matter what the asset class is. But that doesn’t mean yours needs to be complicated. And that’s why Alltech National is ready to be your go-to service provider for all commercial real estate title and closing needs.

With an in-house legal team and professional settlement agents across the country, we take your deal from title to closing quickly and hassle-free. The process is simple and most transactions can be done online saving you trips to an office. And your dedicated settlement agent can help with the 1031 exchange if you’re ready for your next deal. Contact us today for a no-obligation quote or to learn more.

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Finding the right commercial property is hard enough, closing on it should be stress-free!  That’s where we come in. When you choose Alltech National’s commercial title services, you get an all-in-one solution, instead of having your paperwork get transferred to multiple vendors.

Alltech National handles every detail including:

Whether you’re developing unimproved land, acquiring a building that has changed hands multiple times, or need to close fast before the deal falls through, you’re in good hands when you choose Alltech National for your commercial title and closing needs.  Use the form above to get a quote, or call us at (703) 934-2100 to find out more

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Need a Quote Fast?

Finding the right property or building is hard enough, closing on it should be stress-free, and that’s where we come in. When you choose AllTechNational’s commercial title services, you get an all-in-one solution instead of having your paperwork get transferred to multiple vendors.


If the property is out of state you’ll want to have a commercial title company with experience in the region to help protect you from “known” issues that only local experts will think of.  Knowing the ins-and-outs with each state helps close the deal faster because the settlement agents will be familiar with local laws and regulations.  This is why choosing a national commercial title company over one in a few states can help get the job done more quickly, accurately, and with less stress.

And if they do not outsource, all documents stay within their internal systems rather than having to sync with vendors that work with local partners and multiple platforms.  This saves you time and headaches.

Commercial title insurance policies cover the building and property if a claim to the title is made after you have purchased the property. It does not cover the actual structures or damage from natural disasters. Commercial title policies are designed to protect your investment if there are liens that appear after the deal has closed, if there was a clerical error and the person did not record a previous transaction properly, and if the building and land are no longer zoned for the needed business use. And there are other issues that could arise like a claim to the land. This is why it is important to check zoning and usage laws specifically when purchasing the land for commercial use. And to let the commercial title company know all of the details about your business and intended use of the land before they begin doing a search.

No, commercial title insurance is not required by law. But if you take a loan to purchase the building, your lender will likely require that you purchase a commercial title policy because they will want to protect their assets.

Commercial title searches are done to find any potential issues with the title.  Issues can be anything from a transfer that was recorded incorrectly, liens from previous contractors, and zoning issues for land whose usage has been changed over time.  If you don’t have one done, you risk finding out that you don’t actually own the property you purchased, or you cannot use it for the purpose you intended on.  This includes manufacturing, retail stores, farming, food, and more.