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AllTech National offers a comprehensive suite of settlement services including title search, escrow, title insurance, closings, enotary, legal review, and more!  Whether you’re an agent or a direct consumer, we’re here to close your commercial and residential purchases hassle-free.


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A title company is an independent third party that verifies if a deed to a property (the title) can be sold by the seller without potential obstacles, claims, or issues.  The title company does this through a title search which looks for liens, claims, heirs, clerical errors, and more, then relays the information to all needed parties. 

A title company’s role in a real estate transaction is to verify that the property is clear to sell.  Title companies are experts in looking for potential issues like debts that are owed, liens on the property, heirs that may try to claim the property, clerical errors at the county clerk’s office, and even encroachments.

No, a title company is not the same as a title insurance company, although they are similar.  Title insurance companies may offer title services, but their main goal is to provide comprehensive title insurance policies.  A title company may offer title insurance policies, but their main objective is to make sure the deed and title of a property can be transferred from the seller to the buyer and identify obstacles and issues that could arise.

Yes, you are able to choose your own title company letting you get the best price available. It is always a good idea to talk to your real estate agent if you’re going to have a title search done or are buying a title insurance policy as they have experience with the title companies and can recommend one they trust, but it doesn’t hurt to shop around.  If you want to shop around and find the best title company, here are some ways you can narrow the options.

  • See if they pick up the phone when you call, and how long it takes them to respond to an email. If you don’t get a response when you’re trying to give them your business, what happens if there is a claim and you need them to cover you.
  • Do they ask you the right questions and collect the right information to get you a quote on the first call, or do you have to do multiple communications?  Experienced title companies will know what to ask and gather it the first time around.
  • Is their process online and are they using enotary and eclosings to make the process work around your schedule, location, and needs?
  • Can they tell you about wire fraud, sending earnest money in a secure way, and how they have extra layers of protection to keep your money and deal secure?
  • What does your gut tell you?  This is important as you’re making a big decision, and the best title company will be the one that does the above and that you feel good about using.

No, using a title company is not required by law.  But if you take a mortgage, your lender will likely require one because they want to make sure that the property is clear to close and the seller is legally able to sell the property.  The title company is their way to feel confident it will all go as planned.

No, a home or commercial real estate buyer does not need a title company.  Anyone can do a title search by themselves, but it is not recommended.  Title searches can get complex, and having trained and experienced professionals that know what to look for can help identify potential issues many do-it-yourselfers will miss.


And many title companies can offer you a title insurance policy.  The policy will protect your property from future claims that the title company missed if they did the title search.  If you do your own title search, you may have a hard time finding an insurer that will cover you, and you could lose your home to any issues that arise in the future.

No, a seller does not need a title company.  But much like a buyer, it is a good idea.  If it turns out you did not own the property, or you had debts you inherited when buying the property, you could find yourself in trouble later on.  Having a title company involved to do a search and close the deal will give you an extra bit of protection and show you did everything to the best of your abilities.


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