Jacquelyn (Hope) Ottoviani

COO – Chief Operations Officer

Jacquelyn (Hope) Ottoviani has been with Alltech National for over 10 years. Hired right out of college, Hope began her career as a Receptionist and flourished while learning everything she could in the title industry.  While acting receptionist, she assisted with post-closing and policies, then moved straight to foreclosures and residential resales.  Once she learned the ins and outs of the real estate process, she thrived and was promoted to leading the Processing Department.  As a high-achiever and fast learner, she began gaining experience in complex transactions, taking on more responsibilities, and eventually earned her position as the Chief Operating Officer, managing the company nationally.

Through strong leadership skills and connections, one of Hope’s superpowers is communicating even the most difficult situations in a way that her team and the clients can understand.  It helps to keep deals flowing no matter how tricky they can be.  She always has solutions, ranging from REOs, short sales, tax abatements, new construction, commercial, 1031s, assignments/wholesales, and collaterals, to now gaining knowledge in other states since going national.

Continuous growth, innovation, and the company’s vision allow Hope to continue learning and develop leadership skills to keep the company moving forward. In addition to operations, Hope provides leadership, career path assessments, and is responsible for company culture.  It’s one of the reasons the rest of the C-suite and leadership team admire and respect her.

When Hope is not managing title or commuting, she is at home enjoying time with her two young boys and family. She loves writing poetry, espresso martinis, singing, and spending time at Lake Anna with good company. On the weekends, you may even catch her at a local winery, and you will definitely catch her at a local Starbucks.