Mo Choumil

Mo Choumil

CEO and Founder

Mo Choumil is a seasoned entrepreneur with a background rooted in determination and passion. Born and raised in Casablanca, Morocco, Mo’s love of exploration led him to take a leap of faith and immigrate to the United States. With only $500 borrowed from his aunt for a plane ticket, Mo put himself through college while working full-time in the service industry as a bartender.  In 1993 he began searching land records and recording title documents which sparked his passion for innovation and real estate.  This led him to start Metro Title from his basement in 1997.  By the turn of the millennium, he had increased sales to $1M and the ATG Title Inc. brand was born.

As ATG grew the need for a team grew.  Through strategic hires, M&A, as well as partnerships with the correct vendors, Mo watched as his company grew.  Then Covid hit, but that didn’t stop Mo.  Mo had already brought ATG into the future by championing eNotary and eClosings, meaning his company was prepared to go virtual and work with customer needs at their comfort levels.

As the footprint expanded, Mo had his next vision, go national.  This is when the Alltech brand came to life.  By strategically acquiring leading real estate law firms, trusted local title companies, and using his network he expanded to 35 states within a two-year time frame.

Today, Mo’s company is a nationally recognized enterprise, specializing in commercial and residential transactions and supported by a team of skilled professionals.  Mo’s background and success story demonstrates his unwavering commitment to personal and professional growth and most importantly giving back to his communities.